Flavour Vapour was founded by a small group of Vaping enthusiasts in 2012. With myriad Vaping products on the market, the problem of finding a high quality, trustworthy, yet affordable products soon became apparent.

In order to aid those wanting to make the switch from smoking to Vaping, Flavour Vapour have created a friendly, hands-on Vaping community where advice is precise and clear. The company has rapidly grown and now supports thousands of people across the UK and in Europe in their efforts to make Vaping an alternative to smoking. Flavour Vapour aim to be the very best place to buy Electronic Cigarettes online and in stores.

All of our products are vigorously tested and selected to ensure that Flavour Vapour provide only the highest calibre products. Our staff are only a phone call or email away to answer queries and with our Vaping lounges and shops all over the UK, it’s easy to pop in and get advice face-to-face. Our Head Office is located in Plymouth, Devon.